Phenolic resin plant

We are specialized in manufacture and instalition Resin Plants with different specifications and grades. These plants are used to manufacturing insulating and laminating varnishes and Phenolic foam manufacturing units. We ensure to make the equipment, which impart hassle free production for long hours. Our machinery such as Charge equipment, Reaction equipment, Heating and cooling circuit, Dilution equipment etc. are highly effective.
Un saturated polyester resin plant

Unsaturated Polyester Resin manufactured by us find its use in many fields.

We are specialized in manufacture and instalition Used in the manufacture of corrugated sheets,corrosion resistant process equipment & storage tank, filament winding, moulded articles, in cultured marble, architectural & construction products and in the automotive and transportation industry.
Alkyd resin plant

These are used to manufacture Alkyd resin for manufacturing various grades of Industrial /Domestic paints.
Reaction Kettle

Our Reaction Kettle has been manufactured using advanced technologies and we ensure international quality. We are catering to both the international and domestic marketplace. These Reaction Kettles are widely used in construction, medicine, chemical and food industry. Our Reaction Kettles possess qualities such as temperature resistant, quick heating, auto heating and non-polluting.
Condensors/heate exchages

We offer a range of heat exchangers that are made of premium quality stainless steel-304, 316 and mild steel that are tested by our quality managers before using them in the production process. Durable in quality, our heat exchangers are widely used by our clients across the globe. Used to exchange heat from cooling to heating and heating to cooling, our products find their application in chemical industry. We are capable of offering our products in various capacities as per the specifications of the clients or as per the area of application.
Blending vessels

Reaction vessels made using the Spiral technology are sturdy, temperature resistant and non-corrosive and almost maintenance free. For special purposes FRP Reaction vessels can also be used. We also provide complete reaction vessel assembly which includes M.S. Structure required to hold the vessel, agitator and gear box assembly.
Ribbon blendors

Suitable for homogenous mixing of dry powders of different bulk densities used in the Food, Mineral, Pharmaceutical, Paint & Chemical Industries. It is a simple versatile mixer which can also mix semi wet material. Ribbons of various designs are available to handle different materials. The mixer consists of a cylindrical shell inside which rotates a double helix shaft fitted with spiral inner and outer ribbons. During rotation of the shaft, the ribbons lift, convey and intermix the material to get a homogenous mass in short intervals. Discharge is from the bottom by a quick opening valve.

Frigmaires Attritor is used for producing fine & homogenous dispersons quickly & repeatedly under controlled conditions. Used for the manufacture of ceramics , inks, paints,coatings, metal oxides, ferrites, chocolates, chemicals & pharmaceuticals . The Attritor is often referred to as a agitated ball mill. The material to be ground is charged into a vertical tank filled with grinding media. Both the material and grinding media are then agitated by a shaft with arms causing the media to exert shearing & impact forces on the material. This action produces an extremely fine material measured in microns. No pre mixing is required. All attritors are provided with cooling jackets. Recirculating facility is available as optional.

In todays world, where environmental impact analysis of major utility and industrial projects is increasingly prevalent, CSM designers work closely with Clients and Environmental agencies to minimise the effects of venting Boiler, Heater or Process gases into the atmosphere. From heater, boiler or vessel to emission point, a careful design of the system is required to ensure there is a balance between the draught and emission rates to maximise economy of plant operation.
Distalation columns

Distillation columns are one of the most commonly used thermal separation units and have been used for many centuries. Their operation is based on the difference in boiling temperatures of the liquid mixture components, and on recycling counter-current gas-liquid flow. The properly organized temperature distribution up the column results in different mixture compositions at different heights. While multi-component inter-phase mass transfer is a common phenomenon for all column types, the flow regimes are very different depending on the internal elements used. The two main types are a tray column and a packed column, the latter equipped with either random or structured packing. Different types of distillation columns are used for different processes, depending on the desired liquid holdup, capacity (flow rates), pressure drop etc, but each column is a complex unit, combining many structural elements.
Drying ovens

Drying oven (Hot-air Sterilizer) is applicable for drying, cure, melting and sterilization in dustrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research institutes.
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